KP Law Wins $3 Million for Injured Client

We are passionate about upholding the rights of injured clients. Recently, Attorney Aghavni Kasparian was able to represent a woman who was injured from falling on a sidewalk in Hollywood. Using diligent preparation and effective legal strategies, we were able to receive a sizable settlement on her behalf from the city of Pasadena.

About the Incident

Our client was being carried piggyback when the person carrying her tripped on the uneven surface of the sidewalk and fell. Our client hit her head on the concrete and suffered an injury. We helped her file a claim against the city of Pasadena for negligence in failing to maintain a reasonably safe sidewalk. Inadequate lighting, leaves strewn over the sidewalk, and uneven ridges and jagged edges made the sidewalk dangerous, and the lack of warning signs contributed to her injuries.

Initially, the city refused to provide compensation. It argued that our client’s own negligence had caused her injuries and that the sidewalk was not hazardous. However, using persistent legal strategies and thorough preparation, we were able to reach a favorable outcome. The Pasadena City Council voted 11 to 0 to provide $3 million to our client.

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